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If you are looking for an affordable window tinting contractor who can finish the job with excellence, choose us. Don’t waste your time and money. Choose the right window tinting installer that you can trust.

Who you choose to install your window film is as important as selecting the best window film for your project so you can enjoy your room from sunrise to sunset. We offer very low price packages for your window service needs. Houses or offices with a lot of glass is a distinction. 

Adequately installed tinted windows can add value to your home and office because of their superior looks, styles, and appeal to potential buyers.

It is with great ease from a busy world when you are sitting from inside your home or office, gazing out over a spectacular view as you sip a morning coffee. But so much glass has disadvantages such as too much UV rays, heat, glare, and lack of privacy. Windows are among the weakest points in your building envelope. The whole property is at risk should the glass window break due to glass hazards, natural disasters, seismic events, and glass breakage by breaking ins. Unfilmed glass can cause significant injury to people near the glass. Protect your property and the people in it by enhancing and tinting your windows. Call us today.

About Us

Window Tinting Des Moines IA is a licensed and certified one-stop-shop window tinting company in Des Moines, Iowa. With over 30 years of expertise, our staff is knowledgeable in every detail concerning residential and commercial window tinting. They are experts in complete line installation applications and have an industry-leading product solution for successful projects. We only employed qualified staff to make sure we deliver high-quality services to your home and offices. With the help of innovation and the latest equipment, we advanced all window materials for your convenience and ease of shopping. Being one of the most trusted companies in America, we do not settle for good. We develop and evolve to fit the trending world. Our latest texturized 3M fasara glass is aesthetics, flexible, texturized, and can make your entire room more amazingly spacious, easy installation, application, and better finishes.

Prime Services We Offered

  • ZResidential Window Tinting
  • ZCommercial Window Tinting
  • ZAutomotive Window Tinting
  • ZSafety Films
  • ZDecorative Glass Finishes

Decorative Glass Finishes.  With the use of our latest equipment, 3M fasara glass finishes defining spacious interior sense without additional cost.  Customization and simple window tinting application can create unlimited designs and great looking textured glass finish forms.   Our decorative window film transforms plain glass to more capturing texturized fractions making it more aesthetics.  More flexible and limitless options, it allows it to possess the amount of privacy space like a rice paper wall effect.  This glass has a perfect finish suited for interior glass doors and inside surface windows.  You can use it for decorative design elements in conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, residential settings, private offices, and exterior windows.

Safety Films.  Safety films mitigate the hazard caused by outside factors such as the sun.  Sun control films are created to enjoy a much more relaxed environment while traveling under the feverish heat of the sun.  It gives safety benefits from damaging UV rays and heat.  It increases privacy and security against smash and grabs burglaries. Sometimes accidents happen, safety films mitigate hazards from shattered glass caused by fortuitous events in nature or human interruptions.  It shields people from flying debris caused by natural disasters.

Our Expertise

In Window Tinting Des Moine, Iowa, your safety and security is our concern.  We focus on developing techniques and continually build our knowledge in installing and applying window films.  With our expertise, we can assure all our residential, commercial, and individual car customers that we provide the highest quality yet affordable window safety films.  Upon your first booking, our staff will call you to get the necessary information and assist you with inquiries and questions.  Our experts will be visiting your site to see and estimate your window enhancement projects.  In our hands, your window enhancement project is a success, making your investment-worthy.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Why is there a need to tint your home or office windows? There are many benefits of window tinting, such as:

Block damaging UV rays.

 UV rays can damage not only your beautiful skin but furniture, carpet, and other treasured possession as well. Sun is a source of life, but too much exposure can be dangerous and damaging to our skin. It can also cause fading colors of your furniture, carpets, and treasured possessions like photos.


 A tinted window offers privacy. It serves as a wall from inside, giving you enough privacy while you can see everything outside without distracting passers-by.

Reduce heat in summer and trap it in winter.

In summer, you can save money and electricity. By tinting your windows, you can reduce the amount of heat that enters your house or office, making it more comfortable and keeping the house cool without using much air condition. While in winter, tinted windows act as insulation, trapping warmer air from inside.

Safety and Security.

 Window tinting makes it harder for people to see inside your property, thus, preventing them from breaking in.

Glare elimination.

 Cut down the eye strain and discomfort from excessive light of the sun.  Tinting your windows will save your eyes from strain caused by excessive glare.  You can also work on your pc or phones properly or watch your tv screen entirely.  It can save your gadget batteries by lowering its brightness.

Superior look and style.

 Tinted windows are more stylish than ordinary glass windows.

Call us today. We have prepared a great package deal for you with a free consultation. Our website bears our complete information for your needed window tinting jobs, affordable quality window materials, and samples of our finished products. You can also dial our customer service hotline: (515) 217-6907, our customer service representative is standing by to take your call and very much willing to help to answer your questions.

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